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There are many insurance companies offering even more products. But how do you know that their products are suited for your needs? And how can you be sure that the proposed premium is competitive? How is the reputation of the insurance company when it comes to paying claims? And, in the unfortunate event of a claim, is the insurance companies financially sound enough to pay for it?

 PT Talisman Insurance Brokers can help you answer all these questions. We are a leading, independent insurance broker. Because we are not owned by any insurance company or other financial institution, we can provide our services to clients objectively and without any conflict of interest. We have extensive experience and knowledge of the various insurance products in the national and international insurance markets.

PT Talisman Insurance Brokers provides service in respect of insurance broking and risk management. The following services: 

  • To Identify the risks that threaten the continuity of your enterprise;

  • To gather information from client and assist them in designing of insurance programs that are customized to their business needs;

  • To obtain the most favorable terms and conditions from the insurance market;

  • Upon receipt of your instructions, placing the cover as instructed

  • To provide you with all documentation in connection with your insurances;

  • To assist you with the preparation of a claim and in the discussions with the insurance companies with regard to the settlement of the claim;

  • To arrange any changes that have to made to your insurances.



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