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Duty to disclose
In order for us to provide our services, it is important that: 

  • You always act with utmost good faith towards us and the insurance companies;

  • Before the insurance agreement is effected, you disclose all information, facts and circumstances of which you now, or could reasonably be expected to know, to be relevant to the risk to be insured. You have the same duty to disclose those matters to the insurer before you renew, extend, vary or reinstate a contract of insurance or submit a claim. Relevant are those information, facts and circumstances, that are considered by an insurer in his decision whether to accept the insurance and, if so, at what terms;

  • You are accurate when completing and signing any application form and make sure that all information is complete and correct. In case of doubt about the relevance of information, you should disclose it.

It is important that you comply with the Duty of Disclosure. In case of failure, the insurer may be entitled to reduce his liability under the contract in respect of a claim or may cancel the contract.

Check and keep records
Insurance policies are important documents and you are required the safely archive them. You could need them to submit a claim, which in some cases, can be long after the expiry date of the policy.

A full copy of the policy wording has been issued or will be submitted to you as soon as it is received from insurers. It is absolutely essential that you read this document without delay and advise us immediately of any aspects that are not clear or where the cover does not meet your requirements.

Payment of premiums and other expenses
You should pay the premium and other expenses due within the agreed term of payment in the invoiced currency. In case the premium has not been received within the agreed term can jeopardize the validity of the insurance.

Solvency of insurers
We will endeavour only to place insurance risk with an insurer that is solvent. However, Talisman Insurance Brokers cannot and does not guarantee the solvency or continued solvency of any insurer or its ability or willingness to pay claims, return premiums or meet its other financial obligations.

Remuneration for our services
The remuneration for our services usually consists of a commission and is usually included in the insurance premium, unless specifically agreed otherwise.



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